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BFGoodrich is launching Good Project, the first of its kind and dedicated exclusively to financing your automotive dream of entering into a rally, a challenge or a race.
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  • Italy

    Pier Acerni, the first BFGoodrich® Of...


    As part of the BFGoodrich®’s certification (accreditation ?) programme, Pier Acerni, owner of Acerni Offroad in Varano de' Melegari, in the region of Parma, is the first Italian 4X4 specialist to have been certified as a « BFGoodrich® Offroad Center ». Pier, who as a racer only goes for the best, shared with us how working with the BFGoodrich® brand will make the difference.
  • Italy

    Ciao BFGoodrich®! Marco Subiaco, a ne...


  • World

    BFGoodrich® tires, 4 top podium posit...


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